How my wife knew I am a kidnapper – Evans

How my wife knew I am a kidnapper – Evans

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Speaking with reporters,Evans disclosed how and when his wife got to know about his nefarious activities.

He said: “My wife didn’t know I am a kidnapper. I kept all my kidnapping activities away from her and she thought I made my billions from importation and illicit drug dealings. We didn’t allow visitors to visit our house for any reason. If she must receive any visitor, I usually ask her to take them to a hotel.

”But a few days before I was arrested she discovered I was worried and restless. My blood pressure went very high and she asked what was happening. I opened up to her and also told her that security agents were everywhere looking for me. Initially, I thought it was the Department of State Security, DSS, that was hunting for me.

”I also told her to be very careful with her phones and to be mindful of the people who call her. I also told her to always switch off her mobile phones. While I was still contemplating on what to do, I got information that one of my girlfriends known as Ijeoma had been arrested and taken to SARS, Ikeja. That was when I knew that the people hunting me were policemen.

”I called my second in command, Felix and warned him to be careful that the Police were closing in on us, but before I knew what was happening, I learnt that Felix had been arrested in Ojota.

I sold my cars, stopped my children from going to school

‘’I immediately moved my family out of my house and we relocated to a hotel in Agidingbi Ikeja. My children stopped going to school, then I started making preparation for them to travel to Ghana where I have three houses.

A few days later, I got news again that my younger sister, Nzube had also been arrested by the Police. I heard they were trying to use her to lure me. I then sent words to one of my friends in Nnewi to take my mother to Bayelsa State where I felt locating her will be difficult. Then I sold three of my cars, leaving just a Grand Cherokee SUV.

Four days before my arrest, I sent my wife and children to Ghana and I paid the sum of N20 million to the account of a bureau de change operator in Ghana. She collected the money in Cedi. I was planning to join them the day I was arrested.“

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