“If you don’t agree with something I am preaching, let’s debate it” -Daddy Freeze Replies Ibiyeomie

“If you don’t agree with something I am preaching, let’s debate it” -Daddy Freeze Replies Ibiyeomie

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Popular OAP, Daddy Freeze has called on the public to hold David Ibiyeomie, a Nigerian televangelist and founder of Salvation Ministries responsible if anything happens to him.

Daddy Freeze in a 10-minute clip posted on his YouTube channel Monday said despite the threats from Ibiyeomie, he would continue to speak the truth about Christ and Christianity even if a gun was put to his head.

Ibiyeomie had on Sunday threatened to deal with Daddy Freeze, if he ever insults the founder of Living Faith Church, David Oyedepo, again.

He made the threat and rained curses on the broadcaster while delivering a sermon at his church headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Sunday.

Daddy Freeze noted that he had not insulted Oyedepo as he only called the cleric’s attention to a scripture error and said Ibiyomie statements were unbecoming of a Christian.

He said : “I greet you and I bring you glad tidings. This video is in response to a viral video that David Ibiyeomie did supposedly did yesterday.

I would like to appreciate everyone for checking up on me and thank you for your calls, concerns and worries and I want to assure you that even with a gun to my head, I will still preach the truth, and nothing but the truth. The truth about Christ, the scriptures and the real truth about Christianity. So help me God.

“I was very devastated by the content of that video thereof. I did not insult Bishop Oyedepo. He quoted Ephesians 5:22 and I drew his attention to verse 21. Correcting scripturally is not an insult.

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“Christ was criticised, Paul was criticised and even the Pharisees were criticised so there is no way you are going to preach the scriptures that you will not get criticisms, its impossible.

“Even the closes friends of mine who agree doctrinally still disagree with me on some scriptures, doctrines and ideologies here and there.

“I find it very devastating that just to get to me, Pastor Ibiyeomie would drag the whole Somalian nation. I am very proud to associate myself with Somalians because they are beautiful people, beautiful Africans like you are. It is hate speech to undermine the Somalians with derogatory words like there is anything wrong with being from Somalia. To all my friends and fans in Somalia, I love you all and I am proud to be associated with you even though by birth I am not Somalia.

“Beyond this, I also need to draw the attention of the public and law enforcement to the threat of life that was issued to me in that video.

“Pastor Ibiyeomie, I don’t know if you realise that threat to life is a criminal offence and then beyond the fact that you threatened my life, is this how Nigeria is going to look if anything happens to me?

I hope you know who to hold responsible. This has been on social media for 24 hours now and I am yet to hear anything from the police. What happened to our laws on hate speech, racism, discriminatory statements, threat to life which are criminal. Are we going to keep quiet and let it slide because it is coming from a pastor?

“Pastor Ibiyeomie, you went on again to undermine the noble profession of broadcasting. I have dedicated my life for the past 25 years to this noble profession and I have taken my children to familiarise themselves with the radio hoping that one or two of the would fall in love with it. You demean it to such a great extent, a tool used by all of us including the church.

“You make broadcasters feel bad for making broadcasting their choice of career because of how little money us there? Maybe broadcasting should start collecting tithes and offerings too so that you will at least get the feeling that someone of your caliber is talking to you. I think you should apologise to every journalist, every broadcaster for undermining our work.

“Furthermore, for challenging the irregularities I see in religion, does that make me less a human being? Are you aware that the word half-caste is racist? The world is fighting against systemic and outright racism and it brings tears to my eyes that during the time people are crying that Black Lives Matter, a black man would describe another black man as a half caste. Hate speech, let me inform you is criminal . it is derogatory to make such a remark and I ask that you apologise for it.

“You say I am not my father’s son, I put it to you to prove who my real father us because you have insulted the integrity of my mother who is a professor of law.

“Pastor Ibiyeomie, do you honestly believe that the tenets of Christianity were upheld in that video? Do you believe that as pastor behind the pulpit , you showed the likeness of Christ, in your utterances in that video? Is what you did in sync and symphony with Christian scriptures?

“You said you would finish me and to my understanding, that is another criminal offence. And if any things happens to me, I want the public, law enforcement and the world at large to know,and who to hold responsible.

“Everyday we talk about freedom of speech, how can our dreams be shattered with threats of death from the ones we expect to guide our spiritual life.

“Even with a gun to my head, I will continue preaching the true word of God, I will continue debunking errors with the scriptures. I have called severally for debate. If you don’t agree with something I am preaching, let’s debate it. David Oyedepo said something I don’t agree with, I brought out the scriptures.

“If you have any disagreement with my stance, teachings and doctrines, call for a debate online or offline, however you want it. Bring the scriptures, let’s discuss them. I have made it open but instead of taking me up on that, you resort to whipping peoples emotions up with death threats and derogatory statements with racism and hate speech from behind the pulpit, against Somalians, against broadcasters. Calling people of mixed race half caste?

“Pastor ibiyeomie, this is all shades of wrongs.”

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