Multichoice has announced that as from 1st of May 2017, DStv and GOtv subscription rates will increase.The increase in the rate is by 5%.

We announced last year that we would do everything possible to hold the price barring any extreme factors. However, all our content is purchased in dollars and although we have done everything possible to hold the prices even with the price of everything else going up, we are now left with no choice but to adjust our subscription prices from May 1-  John Ugbe, Managing Director of Multichoice Nigeria.

Here are the new price rates that will take effect as of May 2017.

  • Premium bouquet- from ₦13,980 to ₦14,700
  • Compact Plus – from ₦9,420 to ₦9,900
  • Compact- from ₦6,000 to ₦6300
  • Family bouquet- from ₦3,600 to ₦3,800
  • Access Bouquet- ₦1,800 to ₦1,900
  • GOtv Plus- from ₦1,800 to ₦1,900
  • GOtv value- from ₦1,200 to ₦1,300
  • GOtv Lite- from ₦400 to ₦450

In a related developmet, The House of Representatives has mandated its Committee on Information, National Orientation, Ethics and Values to investigate the incessant hike in its price and refusal of Multichoice Nigeria, to adopt ‘Pay As You Go’ package option.

The resolution came on the eve of motion filed by Abbas Tajudeen representing Zaria Federal Constituency of Kaduna State

Mr. Tajudeen said it has been the company’s practice, to increase the prices of its packages almost on a yearly basis causing serious financial strain on its subscribers.

 He said Dstv does not have a ‘Pay As You Go’ package like some of its counterparts across the world which makes its subscription plan expire at the end of the monthly subscription period, whether or not the subscriber uses the service.

The lawmaker added that the regular increase in the prices of various bouquet and refusal to adopt the ‘Pay As You Go’ package is against all known and fair business practices all over the world.

Mr. Tajudeen expressed his disappointment at the seeming inability of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, Consumer Protection Council and other regulatory agencies to exercise their authority on the company.

There have been calls by Nigerians to compel Multichoice to introduce the ‘Pay As You Go’ package in Nigeria.

The House of Representatives had also in a bid to break the monopoly of Dstv, passed a bill meant to make broadcasting more competitive in the country.