What Nigerians Didn’t Know Before Criticizing Buhari’s Daughter On Presidential Jet

What Nigerians Didn’t Know Before Criticizing Buhari’s Daughter On Presidential Jet

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In the last three days, Hannah Buhari, the daughter of Nigerian President, Mohammadu Buhari has been one the most criticised ladies in Nigeria.
Nigerians especially the social media urchins who seem to be idle after the fizzling out of Christmas date controversy sparked off by the MFM pastor, suddenly got their hands and mouth busy on internet with another round of controversy.
Buhari’s daughter was dragged to the court of public prosecution and media bashings for daring to fly the presidential jet to a private occasion on Saturday.
Even the legal luminary and Senior advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana was not left out of the train of furious critics who have been venting their anger on action of the daughter of Nigerian first family.
As much as Nigerians have the constitutional rights to ventilate their feelings on this development, little did they actually know that president Buhari’s family members are also representatives of Nigeria anywhere they are.
If president Buhari’s well being is any matter of concern to Nigerians, his family’s well being should also be given an utmost priority.
Presidential jet is just one out of numerous Nigeria’s properties under the custody of the president and if his family members are barred from riding on presidential jet, they should as well be barred from sleeping inside the presidential Villa.
In Nigeria, every administration from local government to Federal level, is wired to provide direct or indirect opportunities to the people around the elected officials and within the timeline of their tenure, status of their families are not expected to remain the same.
There was a report of an in-law to one of the Southwest governors who was claimed to have been nobody in the society until his father -in- law was elected as governor.
Today, he was reported to have had about three security details, 8 latest SUV and regularly fly in business class each time he needs to go out of the state. He is said to be as powerful as his father in-law who was duly elected by the people.
In 2017, Yusuf Buhari, one of the president children allegedly bought a deadly power bike worth about 112 million naira without a noticeable source of income.
Until he had an accident that nearly claimed his life with the bike, no living Nigerian would have known that any member of Buhari’s family could be that extravagant under a president that constantly reinforces his stand against profligacies in government.
For Hannah to have flown in presidential jet and proudly poses with the picture on social media shows that it is a normal thing that runs in the first family to enjoy the presidential privilege while it may last.
Hence, Hannah does not deserve to be criticised nor condemned for her exploits but rather, should be commended for exposing how members of the first family be it ay the local, state or federal level are leveraging on their privileges to milk the tax payers.

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