The Edo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has said that the All Progressives Congress is dead, hence its inability to provide constructive criticisms that are expected of a viable opposition party.

In a statement signed by the State PDP Publicity Secretary, Dr Patrick Ojebuoboh, the party said the APC only exists through press releases.

The statement read: “The All Progressives Congress in the state has become a dead political party, with none of its organs functioning, hence its inability to provide the seriously needed perspective and constructive criticisms that are expected of a viable opposition party.

“With the spectacular failure that the APC has exhibited at the national level, the party has left the nation’s economy in shreds, setting bandits on the loose across the country and abandoning the people in unprecedented hardship with astronomical energy and food prices that are beyond the reach of the common man.

“It is easy to see why Edo State APC has degenerated from a stage where it was just limping to its present condition of being completely comatose. Once in a while, a certain Assistant Publicity Secretary of the party dishes out lies and complete falsehoods just to create the sense that the APC, which is now dead in Edo, may still have some life left.”

Ojebuohoh, while urging the APC to acknowledge the giant strides being made by the Godwin Obaseki government noted that the PDP and Edo people are calling on the APC to merge with other smaller parties in the state to make a reasonable impact.

He added, “The PDP as well as the government and people of Edo State, is calling on the comatose party, to either put an end to the joke called the All Progressives Congress in Edo State and come over to the only party alive in the state, which is the PDP or merge with other small political parties to make a reasonable impact.

“One wonders why the party would be living in unfortunate denial of the impact being made in the education sector, including the rollout of the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation 2.0, which is impacting the lives of not less than 400,000 pupils and students across the state.

“The revamp of the tertiary education system has also led to the creation of tri-campus colleges such as the Edo State College of Education with campuses in Abudu, Igueben and Afuze and the Edo State College of Agriculture with campuses in Iguoriakhi, Agenebode and Uromi as well as the world-class College of Nursing Sciences.

“The spread of infrastructure projects in the state has also bewildered APC pen pushers. From an ultra-modern Central Bus Terminal to massive erosion control and road construction projects across the state’s three senatorial districts to the expanding distribution infrastructure of Ossiomo Power Company, which has delivered 95MW out of the 550MW of power it has planned for Edo, the state is virtually saturated. But the dead APC is too inactive to take note of these developments.”

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