Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu on Monday said the blockade of farm products from North to South by the Fulani should be considered an act of war.

Kanu in a tweet wondered why President Muhammadu Buhari tolerated this act noting that if the South blocked oil and gas, the north would levy massacre.

” Nigerians know that the Fulani DOES NOT FARM. Yet, it’s the FULANI that is blocking movement of farm products from North to South. Such blockade should be considered an act of WAR, yet the Fulani @NGRPresident tolerates it. If the South blocks oil & gas, they will levy MASSACRE.” he tweeted.

Blockage Of Cattle, Foodstuffs To South West Will Continue Until Fulanis Are Safe- Miyetti Allah

Coordinator of the Kwara State chapter of Miyetti Allah Association of Cattle Breeders, Aliyu Mohammed, had on Sunday said that the blockade of cattle and foodstuffs to the South West through Kwara State would continue until the safety of Fulani is guaranteed in the region.