Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi, has been indicted for laundering over $400,000 from a prison in the United States.

Abbas, who is currently incarcerated in a California prison on charges of money laundering, purchased Economic Impact Payments (EIP) debit cards, used the EIP debit cards to launder more than $400,000.

Andrew John Innocenti, the special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) monitoring Abbas, revealed how he continued his illegal internet activities to a US Magistrate Court on Wednesday.

Abbas took advantage of the privileges of US inmates to use a phone and the internet in private. The FBI noticed an increase in Abbas’ use of the internet between January 28 and March 4. Considering his criminal history, the FBI obtained a federal search warrant from the state of California on March 7.

The FBI monitored Abbas between March 7 and March 13. He used the internet daily and was purchasing EIP debit cards from a cybercrime marketplace.

Abbas reportedly bought 36 virtual EIP cards and 22 physical EIP cards. The EIP cards contained stolen details of US citizens and residents. He then collaborated with one ‘AJ’ to use these cards at ATMs and online stores. Abbas told ‘AJ’ the exact products to buy online, according to the FBI.

He purchased EIP cards worth $429,800 during the seven days of monitoring by the FBI. John assumed Abbas had purchased much more before the FBI started monitoring him.

The FBI is currently trying to ascertain the true identity of ‘AJ’. Abbas will be charged once more for money laundering.

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