Former Brazilian soccer star Pele was vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The 80-year-old ex-footballer falls into the priority group for people to receive the vaccine in Brazil where more than 8.47 million doses have already been administrated.

Citizens above 80 are considered high risk of coronavirus complications.

Pele, a three-time World Cup champion, did not disclose where the dose was given, but he has been staying at his home in Guaruja, outside Sao Paulo, since the pandemic hit Brazil one year ago.

Pele posted a picture of him receiving the vaccination on Instagram giving a thumbs up sign.

“Today is an unforgettable day: I received the vaccine,” .

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The football legend also urged others to get the vaccine towards ending the deadly virus. “The pandemic is not over yet. “We must maintain discipline to preserve lives until many people have been vaccinated.

“Please continue to wash your hands and stay home if possible. When you go out, do not forget your mask and keep your social distance.

“This will happen if we think of each other and help each other.”

Brazil has been one of the countries that have been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic since there are more than 10.6 million people who have been infected, as well as more than 256,000 deaths due to COVID-19.