BbNaija 2020: Vee Breaks Up With Neo, Biggie Issues Final Warning

BbNaija 2020: Vee Breaks Up With Neo, Biggie Issues Final Warning

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Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemates, Neo and Vee, on Sunday, received a strong warning from Biggie.

Neo was issued his final warning for obstructing Vee last night while she tried to leave the room

Biggie said: “Obstructing a housemate and denying her freedom within the big brother house is against the Big Brother rules.

“Your actions were out of line and infringement of the house rules.

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“There was a disagreement between Vee and yourself, Vee clearly chose to leave the room and you denied her that choice.

Your action provoked Vee. You have been issued a strong and final warning.”

Also, Vee was warned for dragging Neo’s shirt.

Meanwhile,Also on Sunday Vee decided she has had enough of Neo, she told him that she is no longer interested in having a romantic relationship with him.

Vee stated this after Neo offered a long, sober apology to her, following some games in the garden.

“I don’t think I want to do this anymore.

“We can be friends, but I think we can properly figure this out when we are out of here.

“Because I can’t imagine my family watching someone I care about treat me that way,” she said.

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